What is multilayer
 wooden flooring?

In technical terms wood is called a hygroscopic material. This means that it adapts its shape to changing temperatures and fluctuations in humidity. Traditional solid floors, under the influence of the changing indoor climate and the constant process of shrinking and swelling, often bulge or deform after some time. Multilayer wooden flooring offers the ideal solution to that problem. 
Multi-layer floors are semi-solid wooden floors, specially designed to minimise the natural movement of the wood (and therefore distortion).


Lalegno multilayer wooden

Lalegno multilayer wooden floors are composed of several layers of wood.

  • A top layer, made of solid oak, tropical wood or bamboo of excellent quality.
  • A stabilising substructure.

The different layers are placed crosswise and then firmly glued together under high pressure. This absorbs any tensions that may arise under the influence of temperature differences or fluctuations in the relative humidity in your home. This structure therefore makes multilayer parquet solid and very stable. After correct installation in healthy homes, a composite floor hardly moves at all. An additional advantage is that this production process allows us to produce longer and wider planks without compromising that stability.

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