What is the best way
to install your wooden floor?

You have chosen the parquet floor of your dreams. Now only the installation remains. You can hire a professional installer, but with a little skill you can do the job yourself. Do you hesitate between a floating or glued installation to install your wooden floor? Our tips will get you started. 



As you would expect: with a floating installation, the floor is separate from the surface. The planks simply click together. A floating floor will move a little more and give a hollower walking sound - you can add a sound-absorbing subfloor. The efficiency of your underfloor heating also drops slightly. At the same time, it is somewhat cheaper and easier to lay a plank floor with this method. In addition, your floor can be dismantled. 
Floating installation is not recommended for the following references: VERSAILLES, CUBE, HERRINGBONE and CHEVRON.

No experience with laying wooden floors yet? Then this might be the right choice.



You can glue a new parquet floor directly onto high-quality screed or a solid subfloor. It is important to choose the right glue and to use the right technique. Gluing a wooden floor requires a little more skill, but the end result pays off. Because the glued wooden floor and screed become 1 whole, you have almost no walking noise.

Can you spare some time to lay your parquet floor? Then a glued parquet is a solid option.

Need advice or do you want to call in a professional?