What is an

SPC is the latest generation of PVC flooring. By combining materials with strong strengths, it creates a floor covering with exceptional properties. SPC stands for Stone Pressed Composite. It is a combination of limestone powder and stabilizers. It is precisely this combination that makes this type of floor virtually indestructible.


The composition of SPC

Layer by layer, our SPC floors are meticulously constructed. Each plank contains:

  • a 1 mm polyethylene foam (XPE) underlay for a pleasant walking feel and acoustic damping 
  • a strong and extremely stable composite core, without harmful substances 
  • a transparent and fully water-resistant wear layer
  • extra-matt PU top layer with realistic pattern and relief  

Benefits of an SPC floor

Rigid Floors, due to their specific construction, have many advantages . While the core guarantees stability, the finishing layers make an SPC floor wear-resistant and water-resistant. Even stains and scratches are no problem if you choose our SPC floors.