A good subfloor
for SPC

A beautiful and durable SPC floor starts with a good subfloor. So check that the subfloor is properly even. That way, the SPC floor boards will fit smoothly against the existing floor and you will soon enjoy optimal results. 


Which subfloor is
suitable for SPC?

For SPC, you need a subfloor that is neat, smooth, even, firm and dry. If these conditions are met, you don't need to break up an existing floor. Extra handy when renovating. Think of ceramic tiles or glued-down floors. 

  • Remove all remnants of plaster, paint, glue, oil, grease, etc. so that the subfloor is definitely clean. 
  • The subfloor should be 5 mm level over a distance of 3 metres. 
  • Repair any loose or creaking boards before installing SPC over a wooden floor.