This is how to lay  
  an SPC floor

You want to lay your SPC floor yourself? You can. We guide you through the installation of SPC in 5 easy steps. Of course, you can also hire a professional to lay your SPC floor. With our Rigid Floors you will be fine either way.

How to install SPC


Step 1: subfloor

Check your subfloor thoroughly before laying SPC. A good subfloor will determine the success of your end result. We bundle all the points of interest for you.


Step 2: measurement

Measure your space accurately and calculate how many packs of SPC flooring you will need. Add 10 % for cutting loss.


Step 3: tooling

Gather the tools you need to install SPC:

  • ruler with angle
  • level
  • rubber hammer
  • balding blocks
  • sharp box cutter knife

Step 4: extra pair of hands

Working with 2 is smoother and more fun. So feel free to engage a helper. If 1 person cuts and lays out the floorboards and the other clicks them together, your space will be ready in no time. 


Step 5: instructions

How exactly to install your SPC floor can be read step by step in the detailed installation instructions. Download them here: