The advantages of Tocca Legno
acoustic panels

Good acoustics take the comfort of a room to a higher level. With the acoustic panels by Tocca Legno, you improve the acoustics in a simple, quick and affordable way. With aesthetic added value as the icing on the cake.


Strong looks

This acoustic solution enhances the look of your interior. The MDF slats are finished with high-quality veneer, with small cracks and ridges for a natural look. Or you can opt for the PET panels made of pressed, sound-absorbing polyester wool. These are available in 5 colours, each in 3 different thicknesses.


Better acoustics

Cladding a wall or ceiling with Tocca Legno panels immediately has a positive impact on the acoustics in a room. After installation directly on the wall, you achieve sound class D. If you use fixing battens and fill the gaps with insulating wool, you achieve sound class A with striking ease.


Easy installation

Your new interior is ready in no time. You simply glue the acoustic panels to the wall or screw everything to mounting battens, which you first mount on the wall. Trimming and finishing your acoustic wall is also child's play.

By the way, did you know that you can also attach the panels to the ceiling or use them as an acoustic partition wall? Quick and easy.

Sustainable solution

The PET panels are made of recycled PET, for the wooden slats Tocca Legno only uses certified wood. This makes the acoustic panels not only efficient and stylish, but also sustainable. For good acoustics, in harmony with people and the environment.