Assembling the
acoustic panels

Is the wall properly cleaned and have you removed any unevenness? Then you can attach the acoustic panels. Here you will find out exactly how, in a few simple steps.

1. The mounting battens

The Tocca Legno felt panels are screwed onto wooden battens. A neat end result starts with the careful placement of these battens on the wall. Fix them 60 cm apart. That leaves room for mineral insulation wool, which will achieve sound class A.

Did you know that you can also screw or glue the acoustic panels directly onto the wall? Then you work without insulating wool and your installation will only achieve sound class D.

2. Insulating wool

Fill the space between your fixing battens with insulation wool of the same thickness as your wooden battens, ideally 45 mm. Push the wool between the battens and cut to size with a Stanley knife.

3. Tocca Legno acoustic panels

Attach each acoustic panel to the fixing slats with 35-mm screws. To do this, drill through the felt. With the PET panels, choose the colour of the screws according to your panel. For the wooden panels, we recommend black screws, about 15 per panel.

The wooden panels have one side with felt and one with slats. If you mount them in line, lay the felt side of one panel flush with the slat side of the next, leaving a gap of about 12 mm as a joint.

4. Installing the last panel

No two walls are the same. So you may well have to saw the last panel at the end of the wall arrive at the exact width of the wall. Because Tocca Legno focuses on ease of use and maintenance, this is also easy to do:

  • PET panels simply trim in height and width with a knife.
  • Trimming wooden panels? Adjust the width by cutting the desired slats through the felt with a knife. To adjust the height of a panel, use a (circular) saw.

Then attach this end panel to your wall in the same way as the other Tocca Legno panels.

5. Instructions

How to install your panels can be read step by step in the comprehensive installation instructions. Download them here:

Tocca legno manuel

Installation on the ceiling 

Transform your space with the installation of our Acoustic Uni Pet Panel on the ceiling. This innovative panel not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your interior but also effectively addresses acoustic concerns. Elevate the ambiance in your surroundings with a seamless blend of style and sound absorption. Trust us for an effortless and stylish solution for your acoustic needs. Discover the perfect harmony between design and functionality with our Acoustic Uni Pet Panel today.

Installation against the wall  

The acoustic panels can be mounted against the wall with a fast-curing adhesive based on MS polymer. To ensure a seamless result the wall must be even and straight.