Accessories, from SPC skirting boards to transition profiles  

The Rigid Floors range includes all accessories to give your SPC floor a perfect finish. Matching your floor and tailored to your specific needs. Discover the range. 


SPC skirting boards 

Matching skirting boards or painting skirting boards? You'll finish off your space effortlessly. 



A T-profile allows you to neatly join two floors of equal thickness. 


Reducing pieces

Do 2 floors have different heights and do you want them to connect nicely? Then use an R-profile.


Quarter rounds

With a quarter round you cover small gaps, for example when installing on top of an existing floor with skirting boards, to give a nice finish to the connection.


Stair treads with nose

In a high-quality interior, the finish of the stairs is an extension of the floor. And with the stair tread with nose from Rigid Floors, this is a piece of cake.