Sustainable parquet 
from Lalegno

Add natural materials to your home with respect for nature? Lalegno's sustainable parquet is carefully composed and produced with attention to the environment. More info on how we do this, can be found here below.

CE standards for parquet floors

Both nationally and internationally, strict requirements are imposed regarding pillars such as safety, health, environmental and consumer protection. One of the most well-known within this category is the CE standard, more specifically EN 14342 for wooden flooring. This standard requires wooden flooring to at least meet imposed conditions regarding fire reaction, formaldehyde emission and presence of PCP. Lalegno therefore had its product range extensively tested by accredited laboratories in order to offer its customers a solid guarantee with regard to the above pillars.

In terms of indoor air quality, EN standard 16516 plays a leading role. This measures the production of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We are proud to announce that our Lalegno floors have passed the test with flying colours and thus comply with Belgian, French and German standards, among others.

The story doesn't end here for us, as Lalegno carried out additional tests for quite a few products of its range in addition to these mandatory standards. So you can be sure of a floor that proves its added value for years to come.

Wood from responsible forest management

A sustainable parquet from Lalegno is made of wood from sustainably managed forests. This forest management is thoughtfully planned and executed, and is economically profitable in the short and long term. By choosing this, we contribute to forest biodiversity and help maintain the carrying capacity of the forest ecosystem. In addition, sustainable forest management takes into account the welfare of the local population and creates correct and safe working conditions.

Lalegno has been FSC® -C095325 and PEFC/07-31-402 certified for many years. This means that Lalegno can offer certified floors at the customer's request.