Sustainable parquet 
from Lalegno

Add natural materials to your home with respect for nature? Lalegno's sustainable parquet is carefully composed and produced with attention to the environment. The CE and FSC label are the independent proof of our ecological parquet.

CE standards for parquet floors

The European Union imposes strict requirements on safety, health, the environment and consumer protection. For parquet floors, this specifically concerns the CE standard EN 14342. This standard requires that parquet floors have been tested for and meet the imposed conditions regarding reaction to fire, formaldehyde emission, VOC emission, presence of PCP and biological durability.

Furthermore, a manufacturer can also carry out tests to check the thermal conductivity, sliding resistance and flexural strength of its floors. Lalegno also did this for a number of floors. This way you can be sure of a floor that proves its added value for years to come.

Wood from responsible forest management

A sustainable parquet from Lalegno is made from wood from sustainable forest management. This results in an FSC® label for our parquet. Forest management is carefully planned and implemented, and is economically viable in the short and long term. In this way we contribute to the biodiversity of the forest and help maintain the carrying capacity of the forest ecosystem.
In addition, sustainable forest management takes into account the well-being of the local population and creates correct and safe working conditions.