Floor cooling

Floor cooling is a new way of creating a pleasant indoor temperature. With floor cooling, cold water instead of hot water is pumped through the pipes. Floor cooling in combination with our SPC floors is possible, but there are still some things to consider and the compatibility of the cooling system must be guaranteed by the system provider. Only then our warranty conditions continue to apply.


With an underfloor cooling system, preventing condensation is very important, because condensation causes water damage to your floor. Condensation protection is already built into many systems. Such protection systems are equipped with sensors that alert when the dew point is reached. When the temperature drops below the dew point, condensation will form and this must be avoided at all times. So be sure to check with your installer if such a sensor is installed.

Beware, the dew point does not have a fixed value, but is determined by the ratio between the room temperature and the humidity in the room. In general, we can say that with a room temperature of 20-22°C and normal humidity (around 50-60%), the dew point is around 18°C. If humidity is high, the dew point is much higher, at 22°C.

As far as thermal resistance is concerned, we can simply say: the lower it is, the better. Because, the higher the thermal resistance, the more capacity loss there will be. Which will be unavoidable in many cases with underfloor cooling.