Wooden floor in the kitchen

A kitchen floor has to put up with a lot. Muddy dog paws, spilt coffee, overenthusiastic children: you probably know the drill. Still want to choose a wooden floor for the beating heart of your home? You can. At least if you take these points of interest into account.


Get a professional

You know what you like and where your focus lies. Someone who works with wooden floors on a daily basis knows the most suitable wooden flooring for this. So ask an experienced installer for advice. Contact them before ordering your multilayer flooring. A professional will immediately see whether the substrate and the room are suitable for a wooden floor, and what, if anything, still needs to be prepared.



Choose your multilayer wooden flooring carefully

The range of wooden flooring is so wide that you might not be able to see the wood for the trees. To select your ideal floor you follow several steps. Keep the following in mind:

  • pronounced wood pattern: oak is a good choice for kitchens, because the pronounced pattern of the wood makes scratches and dirt less likely to be seen than when using wood with a subtle pattern
  • textured flooring: a rather rustic floor can take quite a beating from falling pots and pans, and will last longer in the kitchen than polished floors with a light texture
  • light natural tones: similar to pronounced wood designs, dust and crumbs are less likely to be noticed on light tinted floors than on dark surfaces

Of course, your style preferences and your existing interior are also decisive for choosing your final wooden floor. With a balanced consideration of all these factors, you will be fine.


Pay sufficient attention to the installation

To keep a wooden floor in the kitchen stable and clean for a long time, correct and careful installation is crucial. As an experienced handyman, you may want to install the multilayer wooden floor yourself. Otherwise, it is best to have this done by a professional.
They will take into account points of interest, such as:

  • narrow bevels: micro V-bevels prevent dirt and sand from accumulating between the planks
  • continue throughout the room: for a nicer result, continue the wooden flooring under the kitchen unit and kitchen appliances - if you install a new kitchen at the same time, of course
  • a part in cast floor or stone between the wall and your kitchen island, to allow carefree spills and still enjoy the look of a kitchen with wooden flooring

Guarantee good ventilation

Creating the right environment for your wooden floor in the kitchen starts with proper humidity. How to keep that under control? With good ventilation. Opening a window every now and then to ventilate the kitchen is a good idea. Want to make sure the humidity is fine at all times, even without opening windows? Then install a mechanical ventilation system.


Maintain your multilayer wooden floor regularly

Your wooden floor has been carefully selected and installed according to the rules of art? Excellent. Remains to keep your fantastic new floor in top condition. Contrary to what you sometimes read, maintaining a wooden floor is not that complex. The important thing is to do it regularly and use the right products.

To avoid persistent dirt, here are some tips:

  • maintain your wooden floor
  • finish an oiled wooden floor with Unicare X-Matt
  • clean up spills quickly to avoid stains
  • if necessary, place a rug in front of the sink or cooker and make sure it does not get too wet - a waterproof protection rug will help here