Patterns for Rigid Floors & Walls

The SPC, Rigid Floors & Walls range also gives you all the creative freedom you need. Our range of perfect imitation floors therefore comes in different forms, for a variety of applications.


 Rigid Vinyl Planks

The oldest pattern and still the most popular choice: installing planks side by side in strips. If you work with Rigid Vinyl Planks, this installation method emphasises the beautiful wood imitation. This new generation of flooring can almost not be distinguished from real wooden floors. The user-friendly click system makes it quick and easy, by the way.



Herringbone patterns in Rigid SPC Planks

Those who deviate from the most classic installation method often end up with herringbone patterns. As the name suggests, it is similar to fish bones. The short herringbone planks fit together perfectly. For a smooth installation and ideal length-to-width ratio, Rigid Floors calculated in detail the most suitable dimensions of the planks (60 x 12 cm). Includes click system for smooth installation.



 Rigid SPC Tiles: rectangular tiles

Going for the charm of natural stone? Good news: you don't have to give up the practical benefits of SPC. SPC rectangular tiles with imitated relief bring the look of a real natural product with the warm feeling of SPC. Moreover, your new tiled floor will withstand daily use and be low-maintenance. To live your life to the fullest, without worries.



Rigid Walls wall tiles

With the water-resistant Rigid Walls wall tiles, you can transfer the authentic look and feel of our innovative products to the wall. The look and feel of natural stone or the charm of Tadelakt or Mortex? With Rigid Walls, you combine the best of 2 worlds: natural finishes with the everyday benefits of SPC.